Jeff Koinange Out at CNN

Jeff Koinange, CNN’s Africa trotting journalist has been relieved of his duties according to TVNewser. It looks like a little bit of controversy involving a woman, amplified by a blog in Kenya may have end his career with CNN.

The Kenyan blog Kumechuca calls Koinange “the Kenyan date rape journalist.” It also reports that a woman apparently sent a letter to the president of CNN Worldwide that outlines how Koinange started sending her personal e-mails.

Another blog: “Distant Lovers,” spells out conversations and e-mails from Koinange to the woman. Here is a passage:

“Jeff wanted to have a photo from me and I had made the mistake to tell him that I had an enlarged beautiful and very stylish one of me showing me ‘naked’.

CNN (according to TVNewser) isn’t saying much, but a spokesperson said Koinange, “is no longer employed at CNN, and we are not commenting beyond that.” I’m sure there are two sides to the story, and Koinange hasn’t been reached for his side.

Personally, I’m going to miss seeing Koinange on-air. He was so enthusiastic and passionate about his stories. If his extracurricular activities did in fact lead to the dismissal, it’s unfortunate, but it shows how powerful these little thingies called blogs are getting.

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Cynthia said...

You may already know, but Steve Gilliard died Saturday morning...

ousman ceesay said...

Yeah I am aware of it. I have been following Jen's updates while he was in hospital. It is a sad situation. A smart and courageous voice silent for ever. It is a great lost for the blackosphere. I have been following Gilly since his days at DailyKos. To say that I admire the man is an understatement.

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