Mitt Romney is a Moron...

So Mitt Romney got caught showing his pearly whites while holding a sign that compares Obama to the terrorist mastermind behind the death of almost three thousand people on American soil.

When confronted, been hypocritical as always, he offered this absurd explanation:

I'm going to be taking many pictures with all of you and I don't really spend too much time looking at the signs and the t-shirts and the buttons. So I don't have anything particularly to say about a sign somebody else was

The only problem with this answer is that he is holding the damn sign himself and grinning from ear to ear. I bet if someone brought up a sign that said "There is no God" or "The Mormon Church is a dangerous cult", I doubt very much that he would help hold it up to have a picture taken. (I'm not saying the Mormon church is a dangerous cult, I am just making a hypothetical).

And what does it say about him if he really doesn't read the signs? He'll stand behind any sign, smiling approval without knowing what it says? Only an imbecile would do that. I am going to go out on a limb and say that he read that sign. Candidates are totally aware of the power of images; he'd be an utter moron not to have read it beforehand. On the other hand, I suppose he is a moron for comparing Obama to Osama bin laden.

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Cynthia said...

Ous: I'm sure you will have to admit - the slogan is funny!

Cynthia said...

Although I'm not defending Hilary Clinton, but they are also comparing Clinton with Osama Bin Laden too. I'm sure Obama expected this and this is why some of his advisors wanted him to change his name. I don’t think Clinton expected this, but hey, she is fair game. Many White Americans have an aversion to all things Islamic/Muslim or Arabic.

ousman ceesay said...

I never thought of it that way, but come to think of it, the title is kinda out there....

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Just stay on the lookout for subliminal messages like these. These name-association is designed to stick in the minds of some (vulnerable) people.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I don't think the sign is comparing the three. I think that this person is just saying they don't like these three people. I have to admit, I don't like Obama, Osama, or Hillary, so I guess I'm sort of okay with the sign.

Anonymous said...

The sign contains 3 people this person wants to say "no" to and they all rhyme. That's it. Nothing more, no hidden meaning, no reason to write about it. Liberals.

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