Where are the buses?

"Barcelona Metropolitan transport is dumping 74 used Pegaso buses on the Gambian tax payer. Yes dumping is the right word. These are vehicles that won't pass emission tests in the western world and will not be allowed to run. With the kind of roads we have in the Gambia, these buses will not last. The environmental degradation that will follow as they go to fallow will be insurmountable.You will assume that our knuckle heads will realise that, but that is asking too much of yaya and his cronies.... the mental midgets parading as leaders."

That was my re-action to this editorial written in november.

Now it look like the buses never made it to the Gambia. Inquiring minds will like to know what happened to the buses? They maybe worthless but the Gambian tax payer is footing the bill. The first consigment was suppose to arrive in December according to Bala Jahumpha

The daily observer should have made a follow up to find out what happened to the buses instead of writting another editorial decrying the worsening public transport situation in the country.

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