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Even in the event of death and mourning, Yaya Jammeh is not magnanimous. Case in point this: H/T Kaironews

Sad news coming from Senegal and the Gambia that Yahya Jammeh has given instructions that the remains of the late Buba Baldeh, former Member of Parliament and Minister of Youth and Sports and Culture during the PPP era, will not be allowed to enter the Gambia to be buried. Buba Baleh’s corpse and entourage were stopped by military personnel at the border and prevented from entering Basse Mansajang the home town of the late Buba Baldeh. By this action, Yahya Jammeh has once again demonstrated his callousness, pettiness, and lack of respect for people in genera and even the dead.
 Our village idiot cannot be mollified. His intransigence knows no bounds. Denying a family from according their loved one a fitting burial, because the deceased happens to be a political opponent, is the height of cruelty. When you think, Yaya Jammeh couldn't stoop so low, he turns around and blow your mind with another cruelty. What has Gambians done to deserve this monster? Your guess is as good as mine. 

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