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I was talking to a friend the other day about the firing of Edward Singhateh and the repercussions or lack thereof it could have on the security and long term stability of Yahya's government. My friend was of the opinion that the Singhateh brothers ( Edward and Peter) wouldn't let Yahya humiliate them like he does with the other ministers and functionaries he fires on what seems like a daily basis.

I had a good laugh at this assumption. What my friend failed to understand is that Yahya Jammeh is not a two bit dictator any more, but a full fledge one. He has gradually strengthen his grip on the security infrastructure over the years, with his cronies manning every facet of the elaborate and brutal system. Peter might be second in command in the army, but he has no power...zilch, zero. Yahya has essentially marginalized Edward when he kept demoting him from the vice chairman to defense and then forestry. Let that last point sink in for a minute. From the number two honcho to Forestry and fisheries...Jesus Christ. If Edward has any following in the army, he would have had Yahya by the cojones now. What? with all these stories floating around about how brutal that Edward fellow think he will be taking such a humiliation on the cheek without lashing out? I don't think so.

Now comes the story that Yahya has discharge Peter from the army while he (Peter) is out of the country on a one year training course. Cunning ... wouldn't you say? Fire him while he is caught off from what little following he may have in the army. I won't be surprise if in the next few days some soldiers are rounded up and accuse of a coup. The house cleaning has just begun.

Here is the Gambia Journal's story on the discharge of Peter and the firing of kebba Sanyang...the later was recently moved from justice to works and now he is unemployed:

In a move that surprised few, President Jammeh has relieved Lt. Peter Singhateh, brother of the former Secretary of State for the Forest and Environment Edward Singhateh, of his commanding position in the army also discharged from the Gambian National Army. Peter Singhateh was the Deputy Commander of the Defense Staff. The Gambia Journal has learnt that Peter Singhateh left the country only a week for a-one year training in an unnamed foreign country. ...the Gambiajournal

The GambiaEcho is reporting the same development here

The Gambia Journal citing unconfirmed sources is reporting the arrest and detention of Edward Singhateh:

Another unconfirmed report say the recently dismissed Secretary of State for Forestry and the Environment, Mr. Edward Singhateh has been arrested and detained. The yet to be confirmed report did not say when and why Mr. Singhateh was arrested. He was the only remaining one of the three men who together formed the post-coup military junta that ruled The Gambia between 1994 to 1996...

According to Ebrima Sankareh of the Gambia echo, Edward Singhateh has been relieved of his Fisheries ministry and replaced by his permanent secretary Kotu Cham...a career civil servant. Here is a snippet of what he wrote:

According to unassailable sources from State House, the most powerful man in Yahya Jammeh’s government, 39 year old Edward David Singhateh, a callous man masked in a fake image who has killed more Gambians than any other person has been sacked. His Permanent Secretary, Mr. Kotu Cham of Sanchaba Sulay Jobe village is the new Secretary of State for Forestry and the Environment.... Gambia echo

There is no independent confirmation of this story. So take it for what it is ...


The Gambia journal is reporting this development as well. Here is the link.

The Point newspaper is reporting that Yahya Jammeh is reshuffling his cabinet. This is a developing story ...

The Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh will today, September 14th, name a new cabinet, a report monitored over GRTS yesterday announced. According to the announcement, President Jammeh, acting on relevant provisions of the Gambian Constitution, yesterday effected a cabinet reshuffle. Meanwhile Mr. Kebba Sanyang, who hitherto served as Attorney- General and Secretary of state for Justice, has been reassigned to the Department of State for Works, Construction and Infrastructure as the Secretary of State of that Department. Mrs. Marie Saine Firdaus, Technical Adviser Office of the President, has been appointed as Anthony-General and Secretary of State for Justice. The rest of the Cabinet is expected to be announced today.... The Point


Omar Faye and Bala Jahumpa are out of the Jammeh cabinet. The former replaced by Mass Axi Gaye and the later by Crispin Grey Johnson. Mr abdoulai Sallah formerly of Health has been brought back to replace Grey Johnson at the Higher education portfolio, while Ousman Jammeh is entrusted with the newly created petroleum ministry. Petroleum hmmm...

All other secretaries of state remain intact. Bala Jahumpa and Omar Faye will be assign diplomatic duties.

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