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It is august of another presidential election year and the Republican Party is rolling out its latest edition of scare the native. It works for them the last time when they portray John Kerry, a decorated war hero and committed public servant into a weak kneed, yellow bellied, wind surfing, French quaffed pompadour who flips and flops like fresh tilapia out of the water. It wasn’t fun to watch (if you support democrats), but the low information voters fall for it … the rest as they say is history.

Like clockwork, the GOP has a return of their four year itch and this time enters Barack Obama… with his funny name, beloved by the rest of the world. For all intents and purpose, Barack Obama is a mild mannered and dedicated public servant, community organizer, great family man, constitutional law professor ( you know the rest of his attributes), who is of late getting his name dragged into the mud by the republican noise machine and their enablers in the media. They are stretching and contorting the ideals of a capable and intelligent candidate running to bring our wayward country back to its bearings. If you can stomach the freak shows that go for public discourse on American cable TV shows and the clowns that masquerade as opinion leaders, you realize how much the republicans have the pundit class by their balls. They still call McCain a maverick after he changed his position on everything he once stands for. He has resorted to school yard name calling trying to diminish Obama’s appeal. The next phase of grandpa McCain’s antics will be the terrorism card. His campaign will try to make the absurd claim that he can somehow protect us from the barbarity of terrorism, but Obama won’t.

Well I got news for the fear zone group aka the modern republican party, this year’s campaign is going to be about reality…the economic meltdown that came about because of your trickle down economic policies that left the average American in Peoria losing his job, house and family. They have more pressing issues …like feeding their family than anything else. It is safe to say that the republican party is in a doldrum and they are not going to lose this election quietly. It will be sad, in a pathetic way, to watch as they try harder and harder to win this election using tactics that reduce them in the eyes of the American people further and further. You gotta love the parody that is the McCain campaign.

It is going to be ugly, but Obama will prevail…he didn’t get this far by luck alone; he is one heck of a tough cookie.

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