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Darfur Revisited

As the world community and Africans in particular continue failing to prevent genocide taking place in Sudan, the words “never again” uttered numerous times after the Rwandan tragedy amount to nothing more than deluded hyperbole. By recent counts, 50,000 people have died in the fighting in Sudan, and 1.2 million have been displaced from their homes. The Janjaweed, an Arab militia, is attempting to eliminate all black Sudanese. The Sudanese government is not only failing to protect its citizens, but many feel the government supports the Janjaweed.

Meanwhile the rest of the of the international community is back in summit mode. The African union ... which drew the ire of my previous post on darfur is trying to appease the sudanese government to reign in the terrorist. Good golly. When are these people going to learn that they need a carrot and stick approach to these conflicts that decimate our populations? The sudanese government has no interest in stopping the genocide. Their territorial intergrity is not important when human beings are losing their lives and livelihood. The leaders in that continent need to get troops into sudan to stop the carnage. Omar Bashir will not budge to diplomatic niceties.

I am not going to blame the west for sitting idly by while our people die. Our leaders have to get their priorities straight. African have to step up and solve Africa's problems. Why wait for the United Nations? It has no standing army. The member states contribute to any U.N contingent. Their is a shortage of everything in Africa except for military personel. What we need is the political will to send them in. Time is of the essence and every passing day adds to the human toll. African leaders need to act now to stop the genocide or else what good is the African union?

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