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Lies and lying Liars who tell them.

Witnesses at the do nothing Paul commission of enquiry never seize to amaze me. If you have to lie why in the name of God do you have to do it so badly. Yankuba and Manlafy are caught with their pants down... and what do they come up with? Click on the observer link here to read for yourself... be forwarned that the audacity of this guys is bewildering.... Yuck.

Just so you know

I'm juggling a lot of plates these days and feeling kind of overwhelmed from time to time, thus the lapse in my postings...

Reading through the daily observer this morning, i came across Tony daba aka Yahya Jammeh counseling Gambian students to stay away from politics. Say what? he is ineffect telling them not to pay attention to the sinking ship he is at the helm of. what really gets to me is yahya's paternalistic approach to the whole thing. Here is a guy who order the slaughter of fourteen Gambian students in broad day light four years ago telling the same people to stay out of politics. Colloquially, I keep saying to myself... my body die for the Gambia.

On another front it seems as if the African union has finally awakened from it's slumber. They are sending in 4500 troop to stop the genocide in Darfur. Rwanda is to be commended for taking things into their own hands by sending in 600 troops while the african union procastinates. This does not in any way change my mind about the inefficiency of the african union. They are 70000 lives lost and 1.2 million displaced black sudanese late. I hope their spirits haunt african leaders to their graves.

The elections in the United States are a few weeks away and the polls are still shaky for any intelligent guesses. But if I am the betting kind, I will bet that Bush will lose in a landslide.

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