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“Can you tell me to have confidence in that type of judgement. In the kingdom of the blind, a one eyed man is a king. Unfortunately this is the system we have to deal with but we are working towards a better system. But even this judgement is not good for Ousainou Darboe himself because he can also get killed and nothing will come out of it,” said Jammeh in an interview.

You have been warned Ousainou and that goes for the rest of NADD's leadership. If you guys think for a second that Yaya Jammeh will play fair, this should be a heads up. From now on all bets are off. Politics is brutal and African politics can be deadly. Yaya Jammeh is implicit in the brutal murder of Gambians before ... does the name Deyda Hydara ring any bells? He is going to try to harm one or all of NADD's leaders before this thing is over. Watch your backs and each others. And if I hear one of you (NADD leaders) calling on your supporters to be law abiding one more time I will bitch slap the shit out of that individual. Since when did they break the law? The only blatant law breaker in that nation is Yaya Jammeh. Resisting tyranny is not a crime.

Read Halifa's response to Yaya's ignorant rants... Courtesy of Foroyaa

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