Diplomatic Nightmare

The point newspaper and AllAfrica are reporting that President Yaya Jammeh has invited Iran's president Ahmadinejad, Venezula's Chavez and the vice president of Palestine. The last invitee going by the name Farouk Kadoni didn't make a lot of sense to me. Palestine has a president and a prime minister (whose government is as we speak under siege by the Israelis looking for an abducted soldier). However this might be a mistake on the part of the point.

But the question that came to mind after reading this story is what in the world is Yahya thinking inviting such international pariahs when the rest of the world is watching? What value is the Iranian, Venezulian and Palestinian governments to the advancement of the Gambia's interest? Wouldn't this tantamount to poking a stick in the eyes of the western countries that contribute more to the development of the Gambia and happen to be in a delicate nuclear negotiation with Iran?

The United States recently suspended the Gambia from the Millennium Challenge assistance citing human rights abuses. In a statement release by the board of directors they stated thus:

The board based its decision on documented evidence of human rights abuses in the country and increased restrictions on political rights, civil liberties and press freedom by the government, as well as worsening economic policies and diminishing anti-corruption efforts, an MCC statement said. To support its decision, MCC considered reports from several organizations, including Freedom House, the Heritage Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the Economist Intelligence Unit and the U.S. Department of State....read rest of the release here

Could this be the reason why Yahya Jammeh is been intransigent by inviting Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez ... two of the most belligerent adversaries of the United States?

The two actions might not have any correlations, but I don't take anything for granted when it comes to the irrationality of Yahya Jemus Jammeh.

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nigeria, what's new said...

Our leaders just don't get it, they have not seen this advice "Neo-colonialist are all around spoon feeding us honey and stealing our minds in the process - BEWARE he who comes dressed in sheeps clothing because the fox is cunning and talks with a sweet mouth" http://www.blacklooks.org/2006/06/moving_on_.html#comments

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