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Can't take it no more...

"But the tongues are wagging and the fingers are pointing. And if you do not know what the tongues are saying and where the fingers are pointing at, I will say it here. People are saying agents of the state killed Deyda. Ask them why and they will tell you because he writes critical things about the government in his newspaper."... Sheriff Bojang writting in the daily observer.

Sheriff happens to be a talented writer but un-principled journalist. That is my "bureh-ak- butut" (two cents) on him. However his piece on the murder of Deyda leaves the reader with the impression that he is finally coming to the fact that the thugs ruling that nation has no respect for the lives and properties of Gambians... The last sentence of the last paragraph in the piece sums his agony.. thus "What happened on Thursday night is too much. It must be stopped! " What he fails to mention is that so much of these tragic events has been happening since November of 1994. Remember Basiru Barrow, Gibril Sey, Ousman Koro Ceesay,Momodou Manneh (nyancho) and et all. They got their lives snuffed out by the same murderous state machinery.


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