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Thought Provoking

''Right now there are 22 active conflicts across the globe in which Muslims are involved. Most Muslims have not even heard of most of them because those conflicts do not provide excuses for fomenting hatred against the United States. Next time you hear someone say the US was in trouble in the Muslim world because of Israel, remember that things may not be that simple." - Amir Taheri, in his latest column, "What If It's Not Israel They Loathe?"

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Tahir's commentary is indeed thought provoking. Why is it that people of our faith blow themselves up and kill thousands of innocent people? Why can't they negotiate their grievances in a more civilised and intellitual manner? Are they devoid of any intellitual currency? It is time for the rest of us to take a stand before they hijack our good religion and name for ever. We've got to stop them after all Islam is a religion of peace.

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