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Say it ain't so

“President Jammeh said the government security personnel alone are not in possession of arms; that there are armed criminals harbored by Gambians in their homes and communities”.

In the next breathe our idiotic dictator lamented:

“If any criminal commits wrong in another country and thinks that they can be harbored here, that cannot be possible...we are a small country but don’t underrate us,”

So what is it Yaya? Are Gambians in cohorts with armed criminal/terrorist killing fine folks like Deyda as you suggested in the first quote or are they law abiding citizens who will not harbor terrorist per your second statement?

These two contradictory statements gives you a glimpse into the mental aptitude of the man keeping Gambians hostage. In the midst of the outrage that followed the murder of Deyda, he tried to absolve his regime by accusing the population of harboring the killers. However this brought out another problem… the inability of his government to provide basic security to the citizenry… thus the turnaround and self indulged macho statement “we are a small country but don’t underrate us”. Who is he referring to folks? Those this guy thinks before making absurd statements? Oops … I forgot that he is a dictator. And as such public opinion doesn’t mean zilch to him.
Read the full observer interview here.


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