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When word broke that Karl Rove's name was the live hand grenade rolling around in Matt Cooper's notes, I immediately flashbacked to this almost Elizabethan scenario of palace intrigue and betrayal from the Wilderness. Its author, Michael C. Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon. And the title? Coup D'Etat.

It weaves a spider's web connecting Valerie Plame, the Niger documents, George Tenet's resignation, Peak Oil, Ahmed Chalabi, and Bush and Cheney's decision to secure lawyers in the Plame inquiry.

It's worth rereading now that it looks as if we may be in for a Rovegate summer. Waxing philosophical, Ruppert writes:

"It is one of the greatest ironies of the Plame affair that the Bush
administration, spawned and nurtured by oil, might have committed suicide by
vindictively, cruelly and unthinkingly exacting personal retribution on an
intelligence officer who had committed no offense, and who was, quite possibly,
providing the administration with critical oil-related intelligence which the
President needed to manage our shaky economy and affairs of state for a while
longer to squeak through to re-election. In our opinion, nothing better
epitomizes the true nature of the Neocons."


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