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Detroit Mayoral

This is the night before the Detroit Mayoral primary and a Survey USA poll has Freman Hendrix maintaining a 10 point lead (42%) over incumbent Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who is holding steady at 32%. Sharon McPhail and Hansen Clarks trail far behind at 13% and 8% respectively.
While Kilpatrick trails in the polls, an incumbent Mayor in Detroit always wields a hefty political machine. That combined with the help from the old Coleman Young organization and his mother, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick will pull him neck and neck with Hendrix when the votes are counted. And considering the election is being run by the very old and very corrupt Jackie Currie, I'm sure the Mayor will be happy with the "surprise" result tomorrow night.
As for whether it's enough for November, that remains to be seen; but if the last three years of Kilpatrick’s maladministration hasn’t taught Detroit voters anything then they deserve the decay that is befalling the city.

Freman Hendrix won the primary. The mayoral elections are due in November. I hope Detroit voters don't fall for the negative ads that Kwame and his cronies will bombard them with from here on. Change is good and in this case the only thing to do. Detroiters should vote for anybody but Kwame. He reminds me of those third world dictators.


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