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Bye Elections

Reports coming out of the Gambia has the opposition NADD retaining three of the four contested seats in the by elections held today. Todays events are triggered by the ruling of the supreme court vacating the representative status of messrs Halifa Sallah, Sidia Jatta, Kemeseng Jammeh and Hamat Bah. The later (Hamat Bah) been the only one reported to have lose his seat.

NADD should make sure no shenanigans were employed by Yahya Jammeh and his cronies to dillute the electorate as Hamat has previously claimed that almost tweenty five hundred voters have been illegally transfered to his constituency. Don't throw in the towel until every reasonable suspicion is clarified. Whatever they do NADD leadership should never pull an ousainou darbo in this case.


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