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Immigrant phobia

BROOKS: This is important. This is important -- it's not racist -- when the immigrants -- Listen, I'm for pretty open immigration. But when the immigrants come, they come with a culture of criminality. It's out of control, and I can see people wanting to put the system in control.

That was the New York Times David brooks on the Chris Mathews show. The right wing is trying to turn the 2006 congressional elections into an immgrant bashing fest. They can't run on their record of deficit spending, high energy cost or the invasion of Iraq.

Media matters has the transcript of the show.

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  1. Samurai Sam said...
    Everytime a conservative says something like "I'm not being racist here", it means they're about to say something incredibly racist and offensive. It's a social disease of some sort.

    One would think America would outgrown it's paranoia about immigrants one day.

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