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NADD Press Release

The Executive Committee of the National Alliance for Democracy and Development on Sunday 26 February 2006 met to discuss the status of NADD in relation to two parties, that is, UDP and NRP and the selection of a flag bearer. The two parties indicated that they are still members of NADD.

The other members emphasized that parties which are members of NADD should not continue to maintain a parallel alliance or organize party activities that contravene NADD’s MOU and Code of Conduct; that those who intend to do so should renegotiate their relation with NADD. On the issue of flag bearer Mr. Omar Jallow gave a passionate speech to withdraw his name from the list of prospective candidates for the sake of unity.

Mr. Waa Juwara then announced the decision of his original party (NDAM) to select him to be considered as a candidate. Two names are now left on the list for selection. The subcommittee constituted to do the selection will meet in the middle of the week to do a final selection. The Executive Committee members have unanimously agreed for the selection to go ahead regardless of the absence of any member. The persons whose names appear on the list have declared to accept the verdict of the committee.

Mr. Omar Jallow was proposed to be the chairman of the selection committee by one of the prospective candidates. The other prospective candidate declared that Omar Jallow’s decision needs to be emulated, that if any proposal is made by him of a candidate who can maintain NADD’s unity and integrity outside of those whose names have been proposed before, it should be considered by the Executive Committee out of respect for his decision.The debates were conducted in a respectable atmosphere. The Executive Committee resolved to select a flag bearer by the time the NADD Militant Forum holds its rally in Brikama on Saturday 4 March 2006.

My take:

NADD is becoming a survivor of sorts. Call me a hopeless optimist but I believe this thing is been salvage right under our nose. The leaders are working out their differences while the prophets of doom and gloom get drawn into what Dr. King called the "paralysis of analysis" on online forums.


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