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Cry for Darfur

Another genocide is taking place on the continent of Africa while the rest of the world refused to take notice. All that cries of never again that reverbrate around the world after the Rwandan genocide is hogwash...

This is how Mary Scott puts it in a diary published at the dailyKos:

The distilled facts are these: prior to the Indonesian tsunami, many eyes were focused on Darfur - and the killing and dying diminished. Noticeably. Then came
the tsunami, and as our collective heads turned toward that catastrophe, the killing and dying in Darfur resumed its former frequency.
Is it that you can't bear the thought of it, and so turn away, finding the unimaginable come to life too unbearably painful to witness? It's true - it is the unimaginable sprung forth, AGAIN. Don't fucking kid yourselves - this is a
genocide no different than Rwanda's. It's just younger so the numbers haven't reached that arbitrary level that makes the world take notice. Gotta get to half a million I guess, before it warrants more than 2 minutes a week on a network news program.
The time has come for me to step up and acknowledge MY culpability in this tragedy. I have wept and ranted, wrung my hands and howled at the moon... But I have DONE NOTHING. I can't remember the last time I wrote about Darfur. I gave up, you see. Didn't hit on the magic formula that would get enough people talking and raging and yelling loudly enough for long enough. No instant gratification, here, girlie, move along.

Read the whole diary to get a sense of her outrage. She is so right. The American media has largely ignored the tragedy taking place in Darfur. The ugly truth is that to get decision makers in this country to act on anything required a hounding of the traditional media's santimonious outrage. That hasn't happen in the case of Darfur. I hope this will start a push from the blogosphere to get them to cover this story and by extension get people in power to act. They are hypocrites but the end of their hypocrisy in this issue will justify the means if the final outcome is the end of the human suffering that is Darfur.


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