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Click on Picture to watch the Video. Courtesy Crooks and liar

Is life-imitating art or is art-imitating life in this video clip from Boston Legal? Somebody please help me here.

Although this is a TV show (Fiction if you may), the inherent message it conveys in my opinion is that the American public has the memory of a goldfish. After about 3 seconds everything is wiped clear--like a goldfish bonking into the glass of the aquarium, over and over again, never remembering that that has been tried before.

The list of un-American, immoral and illegal acts perpetrated by George bush is staggering and even those of us who live, eat and breath politics might forget just how long the list of transgressions are. So, everyday this needs to be repeated, until it starts to dawn on people that our democracy is in true danger under this totalitarian-leaning administration.

Now compare that with the treatment Senator Feingold got from CNN's Soledad O'Brien(video Here) for having the balls in proposing a resolution to censure George Bush. It is so sad that a TV show with fictional characters is more to the point on matters of individual and collective liberty than 90% of all journalists in this country.

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  1. Cynthia said...
    I want him impeached. Censure is too good for this man...

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