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Bully Pulpit

Using a funeral at a church or a mosque to score a political or debating point is something that has been battle tested and used time and time again. The only problem is; it doesn't work. Grandstanding at funerals is very tasteless and unsavory. People who act on the impulse to do it never understand how bad they look when crashing a funeral or stomping from the pulpit. Most funeral attendees see them as nothing more then pompous opportunists taking a cheap shot at people who can't respond to them out of respect for the deceased. The real meaning of a funeral eludes them. But I will attempt to tell them this and it is a word for the wise:

Hey mister! You see that person in the coffin? It is about them. You are at a funeral for them. It is not about you and your grievances. Not now. Not this time.



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