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The Middle East fiasco continues. This time instead of Iraq filling up the headlines, it is the Army of God taking on the ‘Chosen People’. This is what happens in the world of faith-based initiatives. The biggest loss for Israel is the perception in the Arab world that the IDF is not invincible. That could have serious implications down the road.

The Israelis haven't learn much from the ill fated US invasion of Iraq. This is exactly what happened to the US Army in Iraq. With the help of allied nations in the 1991 gulf war, the US was useful as the big, hulking guy you wanted standing behind you if someone in the neighborhood tried to stir up shit. No one had seen him in a real fight recently, but you just knew looking at him that he would seriously fuck you up if he had too, and the fights in the past (world war two comes to mind), well, he cleaned the floor. The one-day he decides to be belligerent and starts a fight and suddenly big hulking guy shows he has a glass jaw. All of a sudden his usefulness at just looking intimidating is down the tubes. That is what happened to the United States in Bush’s macho Iraq invasion and Israel is finding out the hard way in Lebanon. In the meantime innocent civilians lose their lives and livelihoods because some one wants to look macho and menacing.

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  1. Cynthia said...
    Meanwhile, Lebanon and Iraq is still being destroyed. Therefore, the mission has still been accomplished...

    Iraq is on the verge of a civil war depending on who you listen to since some reports say that it has already started. Lebanon infrastructure is being destroyed and they have lost many more lives than what the Israelis. Again, mission accomplished.

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