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Could this be the straw that breaks the camels back? The perennial power shortage that has plague Gambians for almost two decades could be a thing of the past if you believe what the managing director of a German management firm task with whipping NAWEC into shape has to say in this point story:

Speaking at the signing ceremony at state House, Mr Muhammad Bazzi assured that in the next six months the electricity problem would be a thing of the past. He revealed that in the next two months they would install another 20 megawatts capacity. He said that by the 15th of October, the third generator would start operation. According to him they would be giving out 19 megawatts by the 15th of October.

I sincerely hope his management team do a better job than MSG (management service Gambia). They took over the GUC (Gambia Utilities corporation) or as we used call to it Gambia useless corporation and make it worst. NAWEC took over from MSG and power issues have not relented since.

Power has been a headache for not only the APRC, but the PPP couldn't tackle it during their thirty year rein either. However the first step to solving any problem is to admit that it exist in the first place. Yahya Jammeh has taken that first step when he is quoted as saying the following at the signing ceremonies:

For his part, President Jammeh lamented that if there is any sector that his government has failed in delivering to expectation throughout his reign, it is the energy sector, especially with regards to electricity and water.

Governemnts are not the best providers of services. The bureaucratic weight usually hinders quality of service. However parastatals such as NAWEC are cash cows for African governements, thus Yahya is reluctant in privatising NAWEC out right. He put it in this terms:

President Jammeh however made it clear that NAWEC still remains to be a national company, adding that the contract only covers electricity generation and that everything continues to be under their duty and responsibility...point

Government and private partnerships have work well in western Europe. I hope this new partnership between the government of the Gambia and German management company resolve the electricity crisis in the Gambia. The country will be better for it.

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  1. Jim said...
    Gambians should cross their fingers that this partnership brings a brighter future than past ones. True, the one step forward two step backwards is when you don't realize how many steps you going backwards. Hope realizing and accepting such failures will lead to correcting them permanently

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