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George Bernard Shaw wrote that:

"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."

Lest I come off as condescending or patronizing, please understand that it is stories like this one in the point that make my body die for the Gambia. Translation: feel sorry for the state of affairs in that nation.

These morons are borrowing a shit load of money from international banks for projects that fall on the wayside. In the process they are robbing Peter (the Gambian taxpayer) to pay Paul (Banks) and the cycle continues. The international financiers will continue to use the gullibility and more so the greed of third world bureaucrats to line their pockets with the interest that is tacked on these loans.

The most revealing part of the story came at the very end when the minister is quoted as saying:

adding that in The Gambia, poverty is widespread and endemic, although there is evidence of alleviation in certain areas of the country.

So after massive borrowing, poverty alleviation is still a slogan bandied around. The beneficiaries of these funds continue to be corrupt officials with fat Swiss bank accounts."Chei fitna".


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