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Is it just me or is the office of the president so inept at spin that they will release an idiotic statement like this:

According to the release, “it is amazing that the hidden safe was not part of the inventory of the office and cash found in both the safe and the steel cabinet were also not reflected in the handing over notes, which Mr. Jaiteh presented to his successor.”..the point

Run that by me one more time. Mr. Jaiteh was transfered from one position to another or fired. He hand over an inventory of what he is leaving behind to his successor, but didn't mention the hundreds of thousands of dalasis he has sitting in a safe under his desk. A desk that he won't be returning to again. Really smart...won't you say. Except that Mr. jaiteh I take it isn't that stupid. The press people at state house don't even care to lie good anymore or else they won't release such a bogus statement and expect Samba from sare pateh to believe that.

Why would someone trying to steal money leave it in the office he is vacating? Does that make any sense to any functioning human being? The office is the last place to hide stolen money in the volatile environment that constitutes working for Yahya Jammeh.
The press release is just a smokescreen. The hiring, firing and detention of Gambians trying to do their duties continues. I have seen some of my country men blame the victims of Yahya's endless firings and detentions as deserving of it. They argue that these officials shouldn't work for Jammeh in the first place. I disagree. We should place the blame where it belongs...on the ignoramus that is ruining that nation. Somebody has run the infrastructure that is the polity of the Gambia. Don't think for a second that Yahya Jammeh will give up if these professional fail to work for his government. He will just stcok the departments with mediocre talent and run the country to hell faster than you can sneeze.

My beef with these professionals is their tendency to get dominated once they get into these positions where they can effect positive change to the system. Instead most of them collect their checks and have this don't want to rock the boat mentality.

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  1. Cynthia said...
    You're right, it doesn't make sense that anyone would steal and hide the money in the office.

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