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Saddam is dead. It is all over the news with the cool graphics and accompanying music. I guess this means we won in Iraq huh? This is why we invaded Iraq, right? To hang a brutal dictator and establish stability? To free the Iraqi people from the violent arbitrariness of Saddam's regime? To improve their standard of living? To show them the benefits of American democracy? That WMD thingy is just a sideshow right? A little hoodwinking of the gullible American public.

We invaded Iraq to convict Saddam Hussein, so we could execute him by tying a nose around his neck. What a barbaric act. But hey it makes for cool television and the ratings are sky rocketing.

It was one heck of an expensive trial though: Nearly 3,000 American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed since the United States invaded in March 2003. And the current cost of the war to the U.S. taxpayer is half a trillion dollars.
But, hey, what is a half trillion dollars? We convicted the SOB, right? Fair's fair. He had a scrupulously fair trial. He had his day in court. He had a chance to scream at our chosen judges and we delivered a legal ass-whipping on him. Hang him by his dictator neck .Yippee…

The lives lost and the dollars spent to get us there? They were totally worth it, weren't they? I mean, shit, even if we don't get another darn thing out of being stuck in this God-forsaken hellhole, we got to see Saddam swingin' from the end of a rope, brother. Woo-HOO.

That is what our boy king wanted all along. What a sad act.


  1. Cynthia said...
    Saddam was a distraction. Things are never what they appear to be.
    Anonymous said...
    I am an American Born citizen and had the opprotunity to visit the Gambia during this past Holiday...I am mortified at the entire Iraqi situation; it is one that has been strategically crafted by my governmet. But the point i would like to make is this: I was very suprised to learn that many Gambians believed Sadam deserved to be put to death and there seemed to be very little disgust regarding the closeness of his death to the Muslim holiday, Id or Tobaski (forgive me if my spelling isn't correct). As a Christian, I found that i was more bothered by this fact than my Muslim friends. Maybe somebody can shed some light on why Gambians (in general) seemed to be unmoved by this horrific act.
    Anonymous said...
    wel i bet u talk to some brainwashed gambians then as of me i find it real provocative and immoral from da bush wh to be such real sad to see people dancin over such baberic imoral us behaviour imposin by force their view points to everyone no matter wat background

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