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I don't know if I should cry or laugh at the absurdity of Yahya Jammeh's behavior. Gambians really need to be concerned if nothing else. The man is literally nuts. Not satisfied with the moronic stunt he pulled at the hospital the other day, Yahya Jammeh has vowed to start healing HIV/AIDS patients provided they agree to be treated in public. The freak of a commander in chief is making a mockery of our people's intelligence. The sad thing is that he is going to get some scared straight doctor at the hospital to certified AIDS patients as cured after his stunt.

I got mad at the opposition on the ground for not starting a shit storm over yahya's mental meltdown: but come to think of it why bother. The fool is going to embrass himself in a grand style, why help him from his misery? Time to get your lazy boy and watch Yahya jemus make a fool of himself. The point has the skinny on this madness. Here is a snippet:

In his speech, President Jammeh disclosed that he has now got the full mandate, with strict conditions, to embark on the treatment of HIV/AIDS and Asthma. Commenting on the treatment of HIV/AIDS, President Jammeh pointed out that the patient must first be diagnosed as HIV positive and should agree to be treated in public.

If you have the stomach for reading human scummy behavior, click on this point link for the rest of the story.


  1. Cynthia said...
    I'm one of those who believe that HIV/AIDS doesn't exit especially since they have never found the actual virus. I guess his antics can only help since people are not being treated for the right thing anyway. The white man has made a complete full out of the entire Black world.
    jan van tienen said...
    Hello mr. Ousman Ceesay,

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    Jan van Tienen
    ousman ceesay said...
    I am not going to debate the scientific underpinnings of HIV/AIDS,because that is way over my pay grade. I will leave that to scientist like yourself.

    Having said that, I think the Yahya Jammeh's actions are detrimental to the patients he claimed to be healing.

    Let us say hypothetically that AIDS doesn't exist like you believe, then these patients are suffering from some kind of medical ailment that needs treatment from knowledgeable people, not some nut case fly by religous jingoistic doctor/healer wannabe. Wouldn't you agree?

    This time, it is not the whiteman making a fool of the black world like you want us to believe. It is Yahya Jammeh who is trying his darndest to make us the laughing stock of intelligent people everywhere.
    Cynthia said...
    Ous, you are right about Jammeh. I just didn't write the rest of my thoughts down. There are many rhetoric questions that came to mind, but the big question is this, in this day and age, why are the people tolerating this type of foolishness? And yes, the white man has made a fool out of the whole black world. What Jammeh is doing is foolish and it shows how ignorant he is, but it also shows how ignorant and silly we all are (Black people) to believe in things we don’t understand, and to be so unwilling to do a little research to uncover the truth for ourselves. This is why someone like Jammeh can come in and take a whole society captive. This is why White people can make us believe in lies. People are simply too lazy, too afraid, too uneducated to discern truth from fantasy. This is why Jammeh exists.
    ousman ceesay said...
    I happened to think that there are smart people on both sides of the HIV debate. I happen to be one of those people who believe there is something really deadly afflicting people diagnose with HIV. The medical or scientific arguements notwithstanding.

    I have seen a lot of white people who believe in the existence of AIDS. So I guess I have a problem with your assertion that people like yours truly are just lazy to do research and get the skinny on this thingy. Does it occur to you that we might not have the acumen to comprehend the literature. And the fact that most of the scientific community believe in the existence of the disease isn't helping matters.

    How do white people fooling us come into play here? They believe in its existence as well.
    Paul Walter said...
    Ousman, this is just to let you know that the (British) Guardian has run an article on this today. They have quite a line in dry wit, by the way. You will find the link within my blog post here, which links to your blog.

    All the best - you have a great blog on The Gambia!
    Paul Walter said...
    Sorry - the link is here:
    Anonymous said...
    I have long since lost my respect for the gambian people in general, but this really takes the biscuit. I don't blame the so called president because saying he isn't quite there is a gross understatement but for the people (educated and otherwise) to swallow this load of crap (excuse my french) and continue to do so has finally pushed me over the edge.
    I think ill learn french and apply for sengalese citizenship as a voluntary refugee.
    Anonymous said...
    I think that before folks begin to patronize each other, they should learn how to listen and take constructive criticism. You see how crazy Jammeh has created problems with our own people. Him and the whiteman are probably somewhere laughing their asses off at us for making a mockery of our country, while sipping on Palm wine or something. The question then becomes, when something like this occurs, like Yaya losing his mind, how can we get this ignorant fool out of office before he creates a war in our peceful little poor country? How do we begin making our country better for our children and our children's children. Well the answer is simple. Anyone who has or will have the opportunity to come into the USA and be given a chance to get educated, should take it because Yaya Jammeh is a prime example of what can happen if you let the mind go to waste, if you get my drift. The poor fool needs to be placed in some kind of Mental institution. I mean enough is enough with Yaya's cry for attention. If he does have the cure for aids like he claims, then the last laugh will be on us and everyone who didn't believe in him, the only problem I had with him making this claim is how he went about the whole thing. he came off as defensive and arrogant and that doesn't sit well with me at all. Come on,does any person with any form of education or some kind of street sense and knowledge or both behave in such an indignant manner? I think we all know the answer to that. So please let's stop putting our on race down and stop pointing the finger at anyone for that matter, not just the white man. I mean don't get me wrong we've sufferd enough in thier hands but how much longer are we going to continue to suffer in each others hands, and by we I say Gambians first. Thanks for letting me share. Cheers
    Anonymous said...
    I am from Senegal and I know that clots like you will -and as you blog tends to show it, you a son of slave sellers in Gambia- always sell africans like slave to the rest of the world.
    You can't change because there is in your blood a pernicious tendency to blunt africans effort. Gambia did not belongs to Manding those sellers of senegalese people during slavery time and that now are ready to sell there own president.
    Go hell, and let African trust in there capacity to find solutions for there problems...
    ousman ceesay said...
    You need to get your head checked. If you think African solutions to African problems lies in this kind of nonsense, well what can I say?

    You called me "son of a slave sellers". That is a first. Nobody has ever called me that so far and believe me I have been called a lot of things.

    Thanks for gracing this space.
    Amat said...
    I think and still believe that the president of The Republic is helping and curing HIV/AIDS in The Gambia. This is not a propaganda or some stuff, this is real thing. The president is using Herds in combination with the Holy quran to cure people living with HIV/AIDS and is simple for people to understand simple facts, this is somethimg true.
    Anonymous said...
    that nigga is stupid he is just makeing the gambians to look bad
    he dont care about anybody but him slef saying he can cure aids
    Anonymous said...
    Well i know God gives all his power to humans and we human are capable of everything in his power so if jammeh claims to cure aids it should not be a surprise especially with all the great history of gambia and its ansestors if ,if people can find their way to the moon then to cure should be simple.

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