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Not a peep

"Millions without health insurance. Poverty abounds. For war billions more. But no more for the poor"...Reverend Joseph Lowery uttered those words at Coretta Scott King's funeral.

What he was decrying then is the scenario unfolding right under our nose. President Obama ordered thousands of troops to descend on Afghanistan to fight a war without any fuss from the deficit hawks. These same folks are putting every procedural road block available to them to stop the passage of a public insurance option that will generally benefit poor and low income people in this country. Where is the outrage of the Liebermans, the Landrieus , Ben nelsons and the blanche Lincolns of the world? Their hypocrisy knows no bound. It is galling to see how they run their mouth about deficits when it comes to health care reform, but they will borrow their way through wars till the cows come home.
Watch the video and see how poignant his observation is to todays crowd in washington.

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  1. B. Political said...
    We are fighting a war against an enemy that hates the US, hates what the US stands for, and won't give up. They will strike at any chance they get. The US cannot just cease fighting. May I remind you that they struck first and have attempted to do it again? As for healthcare, it is SOCIAISM!! Forcing someone to buy a product or using government money to buy a product is socialism. And I will also remind you that the government has to get its money from somewhere...

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