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Et tu Halifa

With the November 24th presidential elections around the corner and nary a chance of a unity in opposition ranks, save for a charade of a convention that is the brain child of Halifa Sallah. I called it a charade because the outcome is clear for all to see. It is nothing but a vindictive attempt to derail the power of the UDP. Halifa hasn't been helpful in trying to bring about opposition unity to uproot a tyrant. Starting with that ridiculous agenda 2011 document he authored, calling for inter party primaries. He is of late revolved that into a convention of disparate entities. The man is smart enough to know that he is throwing a monkey wrench to derail the whole process.

But fear not. When all is said and done, the man who calls himself the conscience of the Gambia, compared himself to Mandela and Tutu saved his most venom for his countrymen, living in the diaspora, who had the gall to call him out on his inconsistencies and how they are hurting the Gambia. He took to his political party's mouth piece (Foroyaa) to say the following in an interview:

If people who consider themselves competent refuse to assume their national responsibility then they should not caricature the so-called lesser endowed persons who stand up to be counted. The people who are failing Gambian society are those Gambians in the Diaspora who pen their days and nights to attack those who are making the supreme sacrifice to combat impunity at home. They do not come home to establish political parties to uproot the regime but do not reward the little others are doing even if it is not enough. 

My deduction from that quote, is that diasporan Gambians, sustaining the economic wellbeing of a large percentage of the population, have no say in the political environment that exist, because they have no skin in the game. It is the classic hallmark of a thin skinned politician. Halifa will like us to continue supporting families in that country financially, but stay out of the politics as long as we are not willing and in some cases unable to be on the ground, form political parties or join his disciples.

Halifa Sallah, as much as I hate to say this, is the obstacle to opposition unity in the Gambia. Yahya is the beneficiary of his intransigence and Gambians will continue to live under tyranny for years to come. That is a unfitting cap to years of PDOIS politics in the Gambia.


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