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Tens of thousands of people crammed onto Gambia's tiny island capital Banjul on Saturday as President Yahya Jammeh threw a massive beach party to celebrate his re-election for a third term. The authoritarian leader was declared the winner of Friday's poll with 67.33 percent of votes cast across the tiny West African nation. 

"My priority is to make this country the best in the world," Jammeh said as thousands of his supporters swarmed around his beachside state house, banging drums and screaming.Soldiers danced in Banjul's ramshackle streets, chanting "President Jammeh, the government is yours", as tractors, trucks, police cars and taxis ferried thousands more people towards the beach...source

There you have it folks. All is well in Bathurst (Banjul). Our people are in a festive mode. They have voted Dear leader back to his throne and he threw them the bones. Party on people because tomorrow will be another day. You've made your decision and the results will be visited upon you. In other words you will be accountable for your votes either in a good way or otherwise. I hope for the former dear countrymen.


  1. Cynthia said...
    It appears the majority of the people are totally satisified with Jammeh.
    Cynthia said...
    After review some information from the website, it appears Jammeh won by default. A whopping 60.54% of the Gambian voting population did not vote for the current Prez. It is very unfortunate that the Opposition teams couldn't muster a higher turnout. One of them really could have won.
    ousman ceesay said...
    Voter apathy could be partly blamed for the dismal showing of the opposition parties. Most of their supporters probably got disillusioned after they break up.

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