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Incumbent Yahya Jammeh is the winner of yesterdays presidential elections held in the Gambia. With 90% of the votes counted, he is running away with almost 65% of the votes casted. The results were nothing political observer ever envisioned.

Most Gambian political observers expect the incumbent to win especially after the opposition split, but the margin of victory that emerge from yesterdays poll has caught everyone by suprise. However unless someone can prove electoral mischief, I will venture to say that the Gambian people have spoken. They prefer the status quo to change. I don't agree with the decision, but I respect it. They are the masters of their country's destiny and have decreed with yesterdays vote that they like it the way it is. 65% is not a narrow margin. It is a whipping.

Does this mean folks like yours truly will cut Yahya a slack when he trample on the rights of the citizenry....don't even think about it. He has a constitutional mandate to rule and we have a constitutional right to criticize his excesses. That role will continue for the next five years. God bless the Gambia.


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