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From every corner of the Egyptian society they rise. If Mubarak is complacent before, well he got something else coming. Look at the defiance on that woman's face. Dictators beware. Yeah ... I am talking to you Yahya Jammeh. Gambians will eventually rise up and take their country back.

It is awe inspiring. If Mubarak weathered this storm, he will have to open up Egypt to serious transparency. My gut tells me he is done, just like Ben Ali of Tunisia. Take a look at this picture:

Huffington post has a live update going on at this LINK....

The Daily Kos as usual has some of the most exhaustive discussion of the events taking place on that community blog.
Here is a link to the Daily Kos discussion board.

Aljazeera is running a Live stream of the events happening in Egypt. The role of Aljazeera in disseminating opposition views on the Arab street is consequential.
Here is the Aljazeera Live stream in english


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