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Take a look at these photos and tell me you are not inspired. Egyptians came out en-mass in defiance of dictatorial orders not to protest.

The look on that elderly woman's face is priceless. She took a gallant stance for liberty. In an authoritarian country like Egypt, the consequences of this action is life altering. She knew this could cost her her life, but took a stand anyway. She is all guts.

The youth were out in force as well. Reminds me of scenes reported out of Gambia in the student demonstrations of April 2000. The difference between the two encounters is the stance taken by the older generation in support of the youth uprising. In the case of the Gambia, the elders cowered in fear while fourteen people were murdered by the military. Not a peep. What do you think would have happened if you have a few Gambian grandmas stood up for the youth like the Egyptian lady pictured above. The story would have been different.

The Arab street is rising up using social networks to challenge entrenched dictators. It started in Tunisia, moved on to Egypt. Mean while Gambians are castigating one another for losing an election that is not even contested yet. the contrast is so heart wrenching.


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